What This Is

There are a million visual combinations in the world every minute and everyone puts them together differently.

Nobody sees what you see every day – it’s impossible.

ImpossibleShots.com is a forum for the most unusual – and seemingly impossible – shots from the portfolios of shooters everywhere.

Each week, we’ll choose a most impossible shot from all the submitted photos and post it on the front page. We’ll post runner-up shots for each week on the Really Close page.

We look for creativity, inventiveness and overall impossibility. Shots can be real or manipulated. They can be in any format and shot with any kind of camera. Just no porn or work that doesn’t belong to you, please.

If you want, tell us the story of how the shot was taken or created, and what makes it impossible, and we’ll include your story if we post your photo.

You retain all the rights to any photos you submit and we’ll help promote you by including a link to your website (or the photo-sharing URL of your choice) with any photo we post.

Click on the Submit a Photo tab to find out how to get your shots to us. You can also email us at photo@impossibleshots.com with any questions.

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